Lem Cosh Living Secrets

Ruby Sproull and her relatives desire to thank McCaw’s for your care specified to our beloved father and husband. Thanks to the Lloydminster medical center to the care of Ben in his very last times and also to Dr. Kerlis and Dr. Anthony.  Thank you for that bouquets and to individuals who arrived on the funeral.

In a young age, Char experienced currently recognised the value of exertions. Though living in Edmonton, she landed her initially job providing the Edmonton journal. Char was hardworking and took satisfaction in almost everything she did, at each and every career.

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Atlantic Christian defeated the Pi- charges in the final activity from the 1971 campaign to make it a losing year. Out of 4 lettermen from very last sea- son, only a few returned.

These are typically but a couple of Reminiscences but who was Judy? To this regard: The subsequent are remarks from her kids…

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C. Point out appeared too much of the exam to get a lacrosse crew even now in its infancy as previous yr was the Pirates' very first undertaking into varsity lacrosse Competitors.

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"In case the athletic program is really look at more info a deserving Section of the general College system, it should be there with dignity and should be com- pletely supported," declared President Leo Jenkins.

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